Main Road and Highway

Infrastructures Main Road and Highway

History of Road and Highway

In 2004, due to the importance of construction of infrastructures, the Company of Construction and Development of Transportation Infrastructures was assigned to construct road in the country; thus, the company included two headquarters deputies and three executive deputies. As a result, the Deputy of Roads Construction and Development became one of the executive deputies of this organization which itself has 5 departments, two independent executors of highway corridor and 94 interim projects (ceded to the departments of Road and Urban Development in the province) and one technical and studies department. Therefore, the primary studies of projects are conducted by the technical office of this deputy and, after approval, they are sent to the executive offices for construction and exploitation.

Goals of Road and Freeway Construction

  • Omission or reformation of transportation conjunctions, construction and completion of disconnection arches in the current roads network in order to make it efficient
  • Increase of capacity, speed and safety of commutation in roads based on the traffic volume, the fleet technology, the environmental and climate conditions of the site of operation
  • Construction and development of key and effective axes in the national development in proportion with the population growth and new demands
  • Construction of overpasses in major axes and reduction of stoppage along with sufficient safety and less dilapidation of the fleet
  • Control of unnecessary expenses and updating the projects’ time of construction in proportion with the approved allocated capacities
  • Increase of quality and observing technical and engineering features together with optimization of operation volume in order to increase productivity and management for increasing the useful lifetime of the target structures
Goals of Road and Freeway Construction