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News Archive

Chinas desire to develop Irans rail infrastructure through oil supplies
According to the Public Relations and International Affairs of CDTIC, In order to invest and build railroads, a delegation from China has met with the Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development.
Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development proposes to cooperate in the construction of Tehran-Mashhad high-speed train and said: This route connects the capital to the holy city of Mashhad about 900 kilometers and is very important for traveling pilgrims. This rail line about 700 km length economically and commercially is of great importance for connection to Turkey country along the existing line. The representative of the Chinese company announced their country's willingness to cooperate in our country's projects and said that after resolving of the sanctions, under conditions that have been created, we can cooperate more with Iran. About the financing of these projects he said that: our suggestion is to construct these lines in the form of oil refinery and the transfer of technology to Iran, Of course, for its implementation, we need the support of the China Development Finance Association.
At the end of this meeting, the Chinese side should provide its proposals in writing for further review.


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